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“I support EmpowerMe because I value the power of its mission and programming. In addition to preparing students to successfully enter the workforce, the Foundation also prepares students to contribute positively within

their communities.”

Dr. Sylvestra Ramirez

Physical Therapy of Milwaukee, Clinic Owner


By the time college students enter their junior and senior years, anxiety can grow over how they will enter the “real world” of work. Competition in many job sectors is tough. Some students aren’t confident about articulating what they want to do. Others lack the connections necessary to kick-start their careers. Most are unsure about how to network in a crowded room.


Becoming an EmpowerMe student can open a world of opportunity for you.


Our four part program gives you the tools you need to impact the course of your career, your income potential, your personal relationships and your experiences within the community.


The EmpowerMe Program requires an investment of time; but this investment pays great dividends!


Soft Skills Will Empower Your Success

Soft skills are attributes that relate to how well you know and present yourself, how you interact with others, the ease with which you get and keep a job, and how you view your place in the world. Our 10 week curriculum is designed to give you an advantage in the work world. Best of all, these skills are portable. You will carry them with you as your career advances or changes.


We’ll Open Doors to a World of Opportunity

Some kids get all the breaks. Through family or other connections they know the “right” people. They have great mentors who eagerly lend valuable time and great advice.  The vast majority of college juniors and seniors haven’t been afforded these opportunities…until now.


By enrolling in our program we’ll get you started by helping you access to a business executive mentor. Your mentor will be with you throughout the program—lending helpful guidance and listening to your concerns. With EmpowerMe you’ll also be invited to events to help you hone your networking skills and gain great connections. Lastly, EmpowerMe believes in the power of giving back. If you don’t already volunteer within the community, we’ll help you find the right fit.


Apply Today!


The EmpowerMe program is open to incoming juniors or seniors attending a college or university in the Greater Milwaukee area. Class size is limited. Students who are the first in their families to attend college are a primary focus, although all meeting the basic requirements are invited to apply. Or, for more information, contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!


The fee structure for EmpowerMe programming is minimal. Upon acceptance into the program, each student is asked to pay $100 per year. The remaining programming costs are covered by individual, corporate and foundation contributions.






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