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About Cecelia Haro

Throughout Cecelia Haro’s life, she has been a very charitable individual in giving back to the Hispanic Community. She joined the Mutualista Club in 1940 where she sang for the 5th of May and the 16th of September. As she got older, she helped plan dances for these celebrations to raise money and allow people to let loose and enjoy themselves. After she married Jesse Haro, she joined the David Valdez Post and has been active in this for 60 years now. She loved to put together many Arts and Crafts for all the little kids involved in the American Legion to help encourage them to also do their part for the community. Not only has she been a volunteer for Mexican Fiesta since it started at Mitchell Park back in 1982, but she also volunteered in other events such as Folk Fair and Italian Fest.

​Sadly, Cecelia came down with cancer in 2007, but did not let that stop her from volunteering her time wherever her help was needed. In addition to her volunteer work, she was a great friend to many people. Her day always consisted of calling friends to keep in touch and see how they are doing. However, her number one priority was family. No matter what obstacle she was trying to overcome in her life, it seemed to always come second if a family member was in need. She kept spirits high, smiles on faces all around her, and the feeling of always being loved in multiple hearts. She is known for being the most kind, generous, loving and supportive individual anyone had ever met. In the late spring of 2012, a few weeks shy of her 92nd birthday, the world lost a beautiful person. Although she never let her fight against ovarian cancer slow her down, it was her time to let go. With many saddened family members and friends, her legacy will always live on through this scholarship and within the hearts of those who were truly blessed to meet her.

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