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Joe Villmow, Founder

EmpowerMe Foundation

Joe Villmow, Marquette University graduate and entrepreneur, founded EmpowerMe Foundation in the spring of 2012 with the mission of helping young people fulfill their goals and dreams in spite of the many obstacles that may stand in their way. In 7th grade, Joe identified his life goal: to attend Marquette University. As a middle and high school student and even in college, however, Joe experienced many setbacks and frustrations, but with the help of family and friends, he learned to manage his own learning disability (dyslexia) and become a successful young business owner. Joe currently is employed as an independent distributor of Pepperidge Farms, has owned and operated Security Network Systems since 1998, and has experience in both property and facilities management. In addition, he serves many roles in the greater Milwaukee area that include:

- Marquette University Business Administration Alumni Association Board of Directors (2007-Present)
- United Migrant Opportunity Services (UMOS) Board of Directors (2010- Present)
- ACE Soccer Club Board of Directors (2010- Present)

Moreover, in his free time, Joe volunteers as:

- Coordinator for Mexican Fiesta at Main Gate & Food and Beverage (1998- Present)
- Participant in Marquette University mentoring program (2004-Present)
- Committee Member of Midwest Association of Farm worker Organization (MAFO) (2005-Present)
- Committee Member of Hispanic Awards Banquet (2005-Present)
- Marquette University Business Administration Alumni Golf Outing (2007- Present)
- Committee Member of Marquette University Blue & Gold Fund Auction (2011- Present)
- Participant in Federal Bureau Investigation conferences (2007-2008)

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