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About Lupe Martinez

Lupe Martinez is president and chief executive officer of UMOS, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Mr. Martinez has been with UMOS for 43 years, 38 of those years as president and CEO. Under his leadership, UMOS has grown to become the largest hispanic-run, non-profit agency in the State of Wisconsin and one of the largest in the nation.

Under Martinez’s leadership, the agency has grown from a single office operation to a nationally recognized organization with operations throughout the State of Wisconsin, as well as in Minnesota, Missouri, and Texas.

​Lupe Martinez sits on several boards, including the national council of La Raza. He is also Chairman of the National Farm Worker Alliance, Chairman of MAFO, a national partnership of farm worker and rural organizations, President of the Wisconsin Migrant Coalition, and a member of the Governors Council on Migrant Labor.

Lupe Martinez is also a former migrant worker who marched with Cesar Chavez during the grape boycott and was honored with the Cesar Chavez Humanitarian Award.

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